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Witch Set (Necklace and Shades)

Witch Set (Necklace and Shades)

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Description: Modern witch medal necklace and lampshade set. Witches were the great shamans, connoisseurs of nature and its medicines, healers of physical and spiritual illness , the midwives of the world. TO To affirm oneself as a witch, according to the experience of the participants, is to be aware of the internal power and its transformative impact on relational life. It also implies encounters with the shadows of the human condition, ruptures of cycles of pain, exits in time from any attempt to domestication of your "wild soul", acceptance of the "nature of Life/Death/Life"

Includes: Lampshades and Necklace (styles to choose from, please refer to the number and image)

Material: stainless steel (golden)

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