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Eleguá Candle and Bracelet (Ritualized)

Eleguá Candle and Bracelet (Ritualized)

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Description: Elegua is considered the first protection within Yoruba mythology, it is considered the one who opens the paths, and it is the figure that every initiate must receive as the first spiritual force that allows them to continue in the religion; He is a very feared and respected warrior, he is considered the first of the four main Orishas. Elegua as the main figure will allow us to follow the necessary path for prosperity and spiritual harmony with the world. The coconut candle is a very powerful element in white magic rituals, it has the ability to open paths, protection against negative energies and is used in purification spells.

The snail on the bracelet is a protection against the evil eye. The color red and black means the life and death of elegua.

Weight: approximately 5 to 7 ounces

Material: natural coconut, natural snails

Includes: coconut candle and bracelet ( NOT includes base where the bracelet rests)

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