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Guardian Angel Candle

Guardian Angel Candle

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Who is the guardian angel according to the Bible?

According to the Catholic faith, guardian angels are spiritual beings to whom God has entrusted the task of protecting a certain group of people, depending on the date on which they are born. There are a total of 72 guardian angels who have the mission of protecting you, caring for you and guiding you. Pope Francis has said on numerous occasions that guardian angels exist and protect us from the evil one, they are our advisors ("no one can advise himself") and our guide to God. The Pope always insists on the importance of having an understanding and reflective attitude with our guardian angel; one must be docile to appreciate and understand the advice and good intentions with which the angels give us.

Candle created to thank and ask your guardian angel. Created with soy wax and paraffin, fragrance of the guardian angel.

This product includes written information and prayer

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