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Rue Candle with Chinese Coins

Rue Candle with Chinese Coins

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Rue candle with Chinese coins prepared by hand. This candle is an original creation by Lizzie Esoteric Products. We use rue leaves and Chinese coins as the two main components of the candle in addition to including other Esoteric Products and spiritual work since once it is prepared it is ritualized so that it fulfills the intention for which it was created. The secret in this The product is based mainly on the faith that the client puts when praying. It can also be turned on with the intention of thanking all the economic and financial blessings that God has had with you or thanking for love, health and work .

Description: The rue candle It cleanses both us and our home of negative energy. Furthermore, according to esoteric elomundo, rue attracts good luck, which is why it is used in different rituals to attract fortune in aspects such as love, work or health.
Lizzie Esoteric Products I believe in this handmade candle because of the many esoteric and spiritual benefits that rue has. Rue symbolizes purity in ancestral rituals, our ancestors used to drink its infusions to cleanse their spiritual interior. The Hebrews and Egyptians thought that rue was a gift from their gods. For its part, Chinese culture used it to counteract bad thoughts and the Celts believed that it is capable of healing diseases and protecting us against evils. As a curiosity, it should be noted that the Romans cultivated it and carried it with them when they had to visit a prisoner, they claimed that it protected against the evil eye. Chinese coins represent money, luck, abundance, fortune as it is considered an activating talisman. Today they are known as Chinese numismatic or lucky coins and have been traditionally used as amulets and talismans in Feng Shui. When creating the candle, the prayer is included, which is what will be responsible for carrying the message to the universe.

Chinese coins are associated with wealth and prosperity. Handmade.

Measurement : approximately 2 and a half inches

Weight: 2.5 ounces of soy wax approximately 

Includes: candle information and several written prayers as more prayers were added for different intentions. ✅ The style of packaging may change since it depends on the availability to purchase it but it will always be the same amount of wax

Warning: remove Chinese coins before lighting the candle and placing your order, you can keep them in your wallet or simply place them on a red thread or hang them in your office, business, home, or room.

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