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Pine Candle

Pine Candle

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Description: Benefits of pine aroma

El Pino: Favors well-paid work, good health, personal safety, moral strength and clean environments. It can be used for money, purification, love and positive energy. It is also good for cleansing the Aura.

What Favors

Orderly ambition, promotions, inner growth, willpower, resistance, the ability to persist, the sense of order, the sense of savings, sound government, order in general, discipline and the healthy aspiration of Triumph and power

The aroma of pine is related to all signs in one way or another, but it has a special connection with those of Earth, and in particular with Capricorn, since through this sign it projects its tenacity and its strength of recovery, sowing optimism precisely where it seems that nothing good could grow.

Weight: approximately 2.5 ounces

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