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Kwan Yin Candle (Children)

Kwan Yin Candle (Children)

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Kwan Yin candle with violet lightning for protection of children
Lavender fragrance and leaves, transparent quartz and shine

Description : She has always been interested in helping, particularly children and their parents, to redeem their respective and collective Karma, so that they can more quickly visualize the perfection of their own Beloved “I AM” Presence.
Frequently in those years, Kwan Yin baptized with Violet Fire, the children who were brought to Her to be blessed, taking them in her own arms, removing all the invisible but destructive Karma that the Law of Being of those little ones allowed, before the anguish could manifest in their souls, minds, bodies and other matters.

The Flame of Mercy and Compassion always surrounds mothers and future mothers, on many occasions abortions and suicides have been avoided; through the Protective Power sustained by the Faith of the Legions of Kwan Yin, whose radiation provides formidable help to those unfortunate Life Streams that have fallen into sufferings of that nature.

Transparent quartz as energy protection
Our children are the most important thing in our lives, for this reason, we always want to protect them from all evil. One of the most powerful and effective protective crystals and gemstones that children can use is clear quartz. This mineral will purify the aura, unblock the chakras and will also protect the child from bad energies, bad vibes, ward off bad luck, etc.

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