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Coffee and Cinnamon Candle

Coffee and Cinnamon Candle

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Size 2.5 onzas

Description : It is used to balance the environment and purify it with positive energies, love and good luck. The esoteric benefits of coffee:

  • Provides peace of mind and grounding

  • Helps dispel nightmares, negative thoughts and overcome blocks and unwanted emotions

  • Can be used as an offering to deities, entities and ancestors

The benefits of cinnamon:

  • Protection against evil spirits and negative energies

  • Stimulates good luck and fortune

  • Attracts love and success

  • Amplifies sexual desire

  • Potentiates psychic powers

Additional information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary.

Includes: 1 (ONE) coffee and cinnamon candle and instructions.

NOTE : Each candle is individual and has different prices. Only includes ONE candle. At the moment only the candle marked #2 is available.


(#1) 3.8 oz not available at this time

(#2) 2.6 oz soy wax approximately $9.00

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