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Bergamot and Tobacco Candle (with chieftain amulet)

Bergamot and Tobacco Candle (with chieftain amulet)

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Description: Esoteric meaning of bergamot
Its meaning in the esoteric world is defined as “returning Faith”, it is a very powerful plant to return positive thoughts to our lives. It has enormous esoteric properties that help block bad energies and low vibrations and give way to hope, encouragement and the desire to continue fighting.

Tobacco, due to its properties, helps us quiet our thoughts, focus and focus on the present moment and on ourselves. It is the prior preparation to be able to listen to the spirit guides, the spirits of nature and the beings that inhabit other dimensions or planes of consciousness. The essence or aroma of tobacco is a powerful auric and energetic protector, it helps to reinforce confidence, give joy and balance the mind. Promotes concentration and provides clarity.

The chieftain's amulet is used for protection against all negative influences and evil spirits. You can use it as a bracelet, carry it in your pocket or bag.

Includes: candle and chieftain's medal as an amulet

Additional information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary. Includes information.

Weight: approximately 4 oz

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