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Tomasa (handmade rag doll)

Tomasa (handmade rag doll)

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Description: Rag doll, handmade. Called Tomasa. Only one available. Tomasa 's personality is characterized by being enthusiastic and sociable. She is also very self-confident and is not afraid of the challenges that come her way in life. On some occasions she is a little conceited and flirtatious, as she loves to seduce men and attract attention at meetings and parties.

In addition, Tomasa was a very attractive and charismatic Cuban woman. Her mother was a slave but her employers inherited a piece of the farm where she worked and that is why it allowed Tomasa to share her kind spirit with the vulnerable people of the town, which is why she helped to many women and children.

You are asked: according to your characteristics and personality

Includes: rag doll and doll sofa

Measurement: approximately 16 inches long

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