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Aromatic and Antibacterial Soap Workshop

Aromatic and Antibacterial Soap Workshop

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The workshop to create your own aromatic and antibacterial soap includes the following:

      • Half a pound of shea butter glycerin (shea butter)
      • (1) 2 ounce ramekin
      • bits of color
      • (1) ounce of fragrance
      • (1) vitamin E capsule
      • (1) DRIPPER
      • 3ml essential oil
  • Essential oils, in general, constitute 0.1 to 1% of the dry weight of the plant. They are liquids with poor solubility in water, soluble in alcohols and organic solvents. When they are fresh, at room temperature, they are colorless, since when they oxidize they resinify and take on a dark yellowish color (which is prevented by placing them in topaz-colored glass containers, completely filled and perfectly closed). Most oils are less dense than water (with exceptions such as cinnamon, sassafras and clove essential oils) and have a high refractive index.
  • Preparation instructions, benefits and recipe

Additional Information:

  • The workshop is written , you prepare your soap according to your availability.
  • The workshop is to prepare 1 soap but you will have leftover materials.
  • The workshop is prepared by a certified artisan .
  • If you have questions when preparing your soap, you can write to us on social networks or to our email and we will answer your question related to the workshop purchased.
  • The workshops are protected under Lizzie Productos Esotericos LLC , their reproduction, distribution, digitization, photocopying and including but not limited to plagiarism is prohibited ; in every physical or digital concept.
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