Witch's Knot Ring with Blue Golden Stone

Witch's Knot Ring with Blue Golden Stone

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The Witch's Knot ring is made of stainless steel with a blue gold stone. It is an adjustable ring.

Rings are not only fashion accessories, their symbology is very important. Additionally, wearing a witches knot ring may have personal meaning for you, whether you are drawn to magic and the mystical, or simply appreciate the unique aesthetic of this symbol.

The witch's knot is also known as a magic knot or witch's spell. It has become a symbol of protection against evil witchcraft. It is believed that the witch's knot has the power to protect its wearer from negative energies and bad spirits, as well as attracting good luck and prosperity.

✅Important facts about the Witch's Knot ring

You should always carry. your witch's knot ring on your left hand . and you will be protected against all evil.

Other people (other than its owner) should not be allowed to touch it.

If someone touches it, you can clean it by passing sage smoke or incense or incense to your liking. Clean it whenever you feel necessary.

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