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Tibetan bowl with 5 Buddhas

Tibetan bowl with 5 Buddhas

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✅Wonderful sounds and beautiful design: Produces a relaxing, relaxing and long-lasting sound. When you play and move on its edge with a wooden mallet, you can hear a pleasant and calming sound for your brain, producing a deep and complete relaxation in your mind. This bowl is beautifully painted with a 5 Buddha sign in the center and meditation throughout the bowl. The "Buddha", meaning "awakened", is conferred on an individual who discovers the path to nirvana.

✅Multiple uses: for yoga, meditation, relaxation, self-care, massage room, wellness, healing, sound therapy, mindfulness, school, spiritual decoration, decoration, etc.

✅Easy to Learn: No matter if you are a new player or an experienced musician, these wonderful chakra singing bowls are easy to play due to their heavy weight. It can also be used as a gong. Ideal for music teachers to present to students.

✅The Five Buddhas are aspects of the "dharma body" of the dharmakaya, which embody the principle of enlightenment in Buddhism.

✅Five Buddhas of Meditation, also called Great Buddhas of Wisdom or The Five Dhyani Buddhas, are central figures of Tibetan Buddhism.

✅They are transcendent beings that symbolize divine power, represented almost identically in Tibetan art, but each one has a different hand position related to the direction in which they look.

✅It is believed that each Buddha is capable of curing a respective evil with a respective good, and they are also associated with an element of nature, a color, an attitude and an animal (mount) in different ways

✅As wise beings, they help spiritual transformation and can focus during periods of meditation, appearing in various Buddhist tantras

✅For more information about the five Buddhas

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4.5 inch bowl, 1 handmade silk cushion, 1 mallet. Includes information and instructions.

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