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Turkish eye bracelet with screens) only 1 of each available

Turkish eye bracelet with screens) only 1 of each available

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Turkish eye bracelets are a popular accessory in Turkish culture and in many other parts of the world. They are used as a symbol of protection and good luck, and are believed to help ward off the evil eye. Limited bracelets. Only a unique design of each one. Prepared in thread of various colors: red, light blue, dark blue and white. Turkish eye in red and blue with imitation diamonds. Crystal beads and Turkish eye.

✅The importance of using Turkish eye in bracelets

It is believed that this amulet has the power to ward off envy and bad thoughts, and to protect the person who carries it from any harm or evil that may happen to them.

✅The blue Turkish eye is the most common and is considered a symbol of protection, good health and good energy . It is considered a powerful amulet that protects against bad luck and the evil eye.

Additionally, blue is also related to trust and loyalty . The blue Turkish eye bracelet is believed to help attract trust and loyalty in relationships, both personal and professional. It is common to see people wearing blue Turkish eye bracelets as a way to attract a safe and trustworthy environment in their environment.

✅The red Turkish eye is intended to protect us in love, passion and desire. It is the color of energy.

The color red on a Turkish eye bracelet is associated with passion and energy in Turkish culture. Red is believed to help attract good luck and prosperity, and is often used as a reminder to maintain a positive attitude and focus on achieving goals. In this way, the red Turkish eye bracelet is popular among those who are looking for a little motivation and determination in their daily life.


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