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Blue and red macramé bracelet with Pixui charm and two Chinese coins

Blue and red macramé bracelet with Pixui charm and two Chinese coins

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The Pixui bracelet with Chinese coins is an original design by Lizzie Esoteric Products. Made by hand in blue and red macramé. The bracelet was created with an esoteric reason to attract good luck and eliminate negativity in the person who wears the bracelet

On which hand is the Pixiu bracelet worn?
The Pixiu bracelet is best worn with the left hand . It is believed that if you wear it on the left, it symbolizes attracting good luck of wealth.

✅Description of the Pixui pendant

Pixui is a Chinese creature known for its ability to generate money and wealth.Pixiu also known as Piyao, was a legendary creature from Chinese folklore. In ancient Feng Shui, they believed that Pixiu was a lucky beast that turned disaster into good omens. Pixiu is especially popular among businessmen, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is considered a symbol of luck with money.

✅Description of Chinese coins

Ancient Chinese coins are, to this day, a categorical symbol of good omens. Within Feng Shui they are used to activate the energy of money and good luck in general. One side of the coin represents Yang energy, which is usually the one with four ideograms, and the other represents Yin energy with two inscribed symbols. The balance of the Tao is thus projected. The current Chinese coins used in Feng Shui are replicas of the ancient ones and retain their positive connotation.

✅The coin represents the unity of heaven - a round shape and the earth (hole) in the center. It is this connection that activates abundance. The coin is a symbol of the harmony of space, time and energy.

✅Two Chinese Coins are used to promote the ease of aid and obtaining money, for this reason, they are usually recommended for businesses.
Two is the smallest even number, which is often given the meaning of double, such as double wealth.

✅The meaning of bracelets with red thread is related to good fortune, protection and luck. The bracelet with blue thread is a type of amulet that seeks to eliminate the negativity that comes into your life . It gives us stability and protects us from damage.

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