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Petrified wood stone or fossil wood

Petrified wood stone or fossil wood

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Petrified wood stone is also known as fossil wood.

Petrified wood can be considered as a geological formation that can be represented as a rock or mineral, which has been formed by the physical-chemical replacement of inorganic minerals in the wood of trees. Therefore, the petrified wood will be enriched in silica, opal, jasper and chalcedony that have replaced wood during burial events by very large volcanic eruptions on the continent. The color of these stones is similar to the color of wood , and are commonly brown, gray, black, yellow or red-brown, but there are some less common pinkish lavender shades. This will depend on its origin, the minerals in the stone and the process it goes through over time, from wood to stone.

Metaphysical Properties

This variety of stone has a number of excellent metaphysical properties. Use it in meditation for ancestral healing, to help you discover more about past lives related to your family lineage.

Its third eye chakra energy helps you make a connection with your cells and the matters stored within your DNA.

During meditation it can help you visit the area of ​​the higher spiritual realms that hold the knowledge of everything that has happened on this earth.


  • Intentions: protection, healing, grounding
  • Chakra: Root, Third Eye
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Elements: Earth

Properties in the spiritual field

In the human case, the transformation is carried out in the spiritual field , promoting inner ascension . It is related to progression and positive changes, creating a new being over time.

They will also help those who are unhappy with the rampant commercialism in the world and who want to live a simpler, land-based life.

Its energy can also help you if you are working in a job where you are researching the past, such as an archaeologist or historian.

These crystals are useful for earth healing if you are living in an area where there are environmental issues that require healing.

It is a great stone of protection that keeps you safe from any negative energy in the physical realm.

This type of stone is related to the reading of Akashic records, so it is common to see its use in ancestral healing. It is believed that thanks to its stone rings it is possible to establish a connection with the past . Likewise, it is associated with the earth chakra Mother Gaia.

In mythological times, Petrified Wood was believed to possess divine power. To this day, it remains a symbol of man's genuine connection to the natural world.

There have actually been many uses for this type of stone/fossil/wood: crafts, jewelry, tombstones, large slabs to make tables, etc.

✅ How can we use petrified wood stone? Hold Petrified Wood in your hand during meditation to ground yourself. Keep it in your workspace or office to enhance creativity. Use it to connect with your ancestors.

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