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Christmas Set (Energy Renewal)

Christmas Set (Energy Renewal)

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Description: The Christmas set is a seasonal product that will only be available in the months of December and January. With this set we prepare a 2 oz green Christmas tree with the smell of pine, a 1.8 oz Christmas tree with the smell of Christmas breezes, a 2.5 oz disinfectant aromatizer, a glitter candle, a holy yerba incense and prayer Christmas for the end of the year and a Christmas sticker.
The aroma of pine is an aroma that is generally perceived as pleasant because it is an aroma associated with the forest and a natural environment, due to this it is used as a fragrance in soaps and in flavoring products to refresh the environment, it helps combat unpleasant odors, It has an energizing aroma, which induces relaxation and a feeling of cleanliness and well-being. The Yerba Buena or Santa incense is an ideal ally to achieve well-being and recover the harmony that we seek so much in times of crisis and stress. Used for protection, purification, growth, love, courage and empowerment.

Includes: 2 soaps, 1 aromatizer, 1 glitter candle, 1 incense burner, sticker and prayer

Ideal to give this Christmas to a friend or loved one who needs to renew the energy in their person, home and/or business.

Additional information: please read precautions

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