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Necklace and bracelet set with Eagle pendant Howlite stones

Necklace and bracelet set with Eagle pendant Howlite stones

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Description: Necklace and bracelet set with eagle pendant Howlite stones, Tibetan bead spacers and black obsidian stone. The eagle symbolizes height, the connection with the divine due to its proximity to the sun and, above all, the beginning of spirituality.

Howlite stones have a calming energy that will help relieve stress, and can help calm attacks of anger and bad temper. They have extremely useful metaphysical properties that will help you deal with belligerent or aggressive people. They can increase the level of patience you feel about what is happening.

Due to the healing properties of obsidian, it is very important in alternative therapies since it is capable of detoxifying the body and unblocking the energy of the auric field. The attributes of obsidian being a "stone of truth" are SELF-KNOWLEDGE, STRENGTH, POWER and PROTECTION.

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