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Miraculous Rue (Prepared)

Miraculous Rue (Prepared)

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Description: Talisman for home or business and soap for your miraculous rue person. (PREPARED with esoteric work)

Includes: bag, carnelian, Chinese coins, rue branch, cinnamon and soap.

  • Carnelian: Carnelian is placed in front of the door of your home or business for protection and to attract abundance. Without a doubt, carnelian is the stone of the leader, but not just any leader but the good leader. It is capable of developing qualities in its bearer, such as a strong and fair character, a lot of mental strength, wisdom for good decisions and respect for those around him.
  • Chinese Coins: Two coins attract good luck to business and home; and are placed on top of the business or home.
  • Cinnamon: Its sweet and intense aroma helps attract abundance. It balances the energies, allowing good luck to arrive and energy to flow in our favor. Along with other elements, cinnamon provides protection and joy.
  • Rue soap for the person. One of the magical properties of rue is protection against spells, curses and envy. It manages to neutralize negativity and easily absorbs the bad vibrations that are around us. It turns negative energies into positive ones and attracts prosperity when things are not going well. Attracts good luck.
  • Rue Branch: In addition to warding off bad luck, the rue plant helps attract your desires. Whether it is love or well-being, the rue plant is used in rituals of manifestation and attraction.

Purchase options:

1. Talisman and Soap (glycerin, rue leaves, rue oleate and other esoteric products suitable for any skin type) approximate weight 3 ounces

2. (1) soap weight approx 2.1 to 2.2 ounces

3. (2) soaps approximate weight 4.4 to 4.5 ounces

Additional information: Products may vary in shape, size and color. The bag varies in color

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