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Lion King (necklace and bracelet)

Lion King (necklace and bracelet)

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Description: Handmade necklace and bracelet, only one available. Reason: Represents strength, energy, good luck and protection . In fact it contains tiger's eye, tiger's eye is considered to be one of the most suitable stones to combat the evil eye. It is said that tiger's eye, which is also known as the "Stone of Freedom" is loaded with positive energy, a quality that protects against bad vibrations in the environment and can help us maintain balance in adverse scary situations. , anxiety or difficulty in making decisions.

Wearing rudraksha beads is believed to promote inner peace and help eliminate the consequences of negative karma due to past actions. Wearing rudraksha helps to advance on the spiritual path thanks to the blessings of Shiva, who gives us purity of thought, word and action.

Wearing rudrákshas accompanied by stones helps to destroy astrological and planetary misfortunes, to overcome the fear of premature death. 

Material: wood, quartz, stones, dige, rudraksha bodhi beads

Includes: 1 necklace and 1 bracelet

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