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The Goddess Bracelets

The Goddess Bracelets

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The triple goddess It is a Wicca symbol that moves through three main stages of its life, and they are all contained within the sign:

  • The Maiden : The Maiden is the triple goddess in his youth. She corresponds with the crescent moon Representing new beginnings, love and purity.
  • The Mother : The Mother shows the goddess as the maternal and educating figure that she is. She corresponds to the full moon, and her warm glow is a reflection of her divine love. The mother is a figure of guidance and protection.
  • La crone : The final phase of the moon, the crescent moon, represents the Crone. This is the triple goddess at the height of magical abilities, as old age is a time of intense spiritual power within the symbols. The Crone is a symbol of spiritual wisdom, divination and banishing negativity.

The five-pointed star or Pentagram is the most easily recognizable Wiccan symbol. Each point represents one of the five alchemical elements: air, water, fire, earth and spirit. It is said that the pentagram vertical It symbolizes the triumph of the spirit over matter and earthly desires.

The Pentagram is used to invoke or banish forces and also as a shield against psychological or physical danger. Can be used as a symbol of protection or a lucky charm , but Wiccans and other pagans generally consider it sacred, so you should wear it respectfully.

Material: Tibetan silver medal, quartz

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