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Limited Bracelets (San Jude Thaddeus or Archangel Raphael)

Limited Bracelets (San Jude Thaddeus or Archangel Raphael)

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Bracelets created by hand by Lizzie Esoteric Products for people who like to wear a pendant of a saint or Archangel. They can also be used as an original piece without any particular reason since it is the client or person who may have a particular purpose when purchasing the piece or bracelets.

Description of handmade bracelets
These bracelets are prepared with green macramé thread and have the medal of Saint Jude Thaddeus and the Archangel Saint Raphael and different beads according to each bracelet, which is why they are limited since there is only one bracelet of each style. Faith is always important and belief when you want to carry it with you on a bracelet in honor of Saint Jude Thaddeus and Archangel Saint Raphael. Without faith no miracle is possible. In addition to prayer we always have to seek help because although miracles occur, extra help to save and heal lives or improve situations in our lives we also need man.

Bracelets #1, #2, #3, #4 (San Jude Thaddeus)

    • Saint Jude Thaddeus , also known as the "saint of difficult and desperate causes", is celebrated every October 28, and although he was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus of Nazareth, he is often confused with Judas Iscariot,
    • What is asked of Saint Jude Thaddeus?
    • San Judas Tadeo is asked for favors to get a job, a house, solve marital and economic crises or in many cases to get people out of prison or to get out of a judicial problem.
    • It is a symbol of choosing faith when all seems lost.
    • The green thread gives the person purification, strength, frees them from negative thoughts, envy and malice.
  • Saint Jude is depicted wearing green because green symbolizes hope and renewal .

Bracelets #5, #6, #7 (San Rafael)

Who is Archangel Raphael and what does he mean?

    • Saint Raphael is one of the most important archangels. It is associated with healing, regeneration and purification of the soul and body. It guides the human being to leave behind everything negative that he has accumulated throughout his life and to accept "God's healing", as its name indicates.
    • Raphael as the holy angel of the spirits of humans, and the one in charge of the illnesses and all the wounds of the children of men. Saint Raphael within the Coptic Church is asked for his intercession to ward off diseases.
    • What color represents the archangel Raphael? Discover the blessings that the green color of Archangel Raphael brings to your life. Archangel Raphael is in charge of the green or emerald ray of the light spectrum. Raphael, which means “healing of God,” personifies the healing and balancing qualities of the color green.
    • Thursday
      Green color
      Sign: Gemini - Virgo
      Quartz: Jade
  • This color green attributes the majesty of nature and creation, hope and regeneration. The green flame of Archangel Raphael also promotes: concentration, balance, purification, protection, truth, health and life.

Includes: 1 bracelet (please choose the number of the bracelet you are interested in)

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