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Limited bracelets

Limited bracelets

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Most of our jewelry on this page is designed by hand with stones that can represent the 7 chakras, charms with esoteric, spiritual or magical motifs. Each bracelet has a specific meaning according to its design. They can be used by anyone with a specific reason or simply as decoration for jewelry lovers. Many of them are original creations by Lizzie Productos Esotericos, which is why they are limited since only one piece is designed, although personalized designs are also prepared. according to customer specification but prices may vary.


  1. Green Jade Bracelet with Elephant: Jade symbolizes knowledge and good fortune. It will help you find love, it will attract to you that person who suits you and you like, it is good for helping a relationship last. The elephant can represent good luck, wisdom and knowledge and a good energy connection from within you to the world.
  2. Volcano stone, blue sodalite and eagle head bracelet: Blue sodalite allows you to unite logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception while stimulating the third eye and deepens meditation. Volcanic stones are a type of protective stones that are responsible for blocking and absorbing all types of negative energy that tries to approach in a malicious way.
    The eagle symbolizes height, the connection with the divine due to its proximity to the sun and, above all, the beginning of spirituality .
  3. White Howlite Bracelet with coconut and elephant wood beads:
    Howlite stones have a calming energy that will help relieve stress, and can help calm attacks of anger and bad temper Coconut wood beads Attract positive energies. Increases the level of vital energy. Purifies the environment. Blocks and wards off negative vibrations and negative energies. Elephants are symbolically amulets that attract good luck, wisdom and help ward off envy.
  4. Bracelet represents the Life of Jesus
    It is the story of Jesus, the most beautiful ever told. One night there was a bright star that guided three men to the birth of Jesus. Later in life he became a carpenter and fisher of men. Jesus was crucified. He shed his Blood for us to Purify and save us. He was resurrected and is now in Heaven sitting with the Father and the Holy Spirit Jesus did all this because of His Great Love for us.
  5. Boho Geometric Acrylic Bead Bracelet with Elephant, Wings and Heart Charms : The elephant is considered a symbol of good luck and that is precisely what it represents in Buddhist philosophy. The meaning of the elephant in Buddhism is related to the representation of the god and the spiritual. For many the elephant has to do with our ability to attract positive energies, to be strong in the face of problems, in the face of adversity and ultimately to become stronger day after day. The heart symbol mainly represents Love throughout the world. The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as a symbol of love, charity, joy and compassion. The wings represent lightness, spirituality, the possibility of flying and rising to the sky. Aspiration of the soul to the supraindividual state, transcendence of the human condition. Cognitive faculty, imagination, thought, freedom and victory.
  6. Antique silver bracelet with Dove of La Paz and olive branch:
    A white dove, with an olive branch in its beak. This dove is of biblical origin. She appears for the first time in the story of Noah's Ark, being in charge of seeing what the state of the world was after the universal flood. The white dove with the olive branch in its beak symbolizes the desire to preserve the peace already achieved. The dove represents simplicity, purity and goodness.
  7. Bracelet with the 7 chakras, volcano stones and lion pendant
    We take advantage of these stones' ability to channel the energy of the minerals, thus managing to unblock the chakras so that our vital energy flows better. Volcanic stone will provide you with stability, security and concentration. Volcanic stone will help you with bad energies. This volcanic stone represents resistance, tenacity and perseverance. It is considered the center of knowledge and intelligence. The lion as an amulet on a bracelet aspires to be a symbol of strength, which ratifies our inner strength and our power, makes us generous and our sense of honor and better ethical values.
  8. Bracelet of the 7 planets with Rudraksha beads and onyx stone and planet and moon pendant This set of personal planets refers to your personality, to your “personal” qualities, as the word indicates, within the framework of the ego and your Soul. Rudraksha is also known as “eyes of God” or East of your Anima “tears of Shiva. Rudraksha seeds have large amounts of energy, which is why they are highly valued for meditation practices, strengthening confidence, inner peace, and harmony. Onyx as a protective stone that is capable of effectively absorbing all negative energies, immediately converting them into positive energies, promoting vitality in the human being. Its most important property is protection, since it acts as a shield against negative energies. In the workplace it is effective in deflecting criticism from others and as a protector.l.
  9. Red thread bracelet and Turkish eyes
    Red bracelets or red threads are considered good luck charms that act as protective shields against bad vibes. It is important to place the bracelet on the left wrist (it is the receiving side of the body and soul), through it a vital connection is made with the protective energies. Meaning of Turkish eye colors: The eye, being the portal to our soul, directly reflects our emotions.
    -Brown symbolizes success.
    -Red protects and strengthens love, passion and desire. Properties are attributed to it to have more energy and capacity for effort.
    -Yellow, vitality, strength and health.
    -Dark blue presents the light color of the sky and thought, giving it very positive connotations, which is why it is believed to attract good luck to its wearer.
    -Sky blue symbolizes truth and offers direct protection
    -Purple or violet means imagination, knowledge and curiosity. If you carry it, it will help you improve your decision making. The magic.
    -Green, nature, hope and physical, emotional and spiritual development.
  10. Bracelet of the 7 archangels with antique silver beads and Saint Michael the Archangel charm
    Archangels have great skill as healers and guides, and they intervene by assisting in difficult moments in people's lives.
    I said about Saint Michael the Archangel, His name means “he who is like God.” He is known as the angel of protection and the most powerful of all. He is a leader, within the celestial kingdom. He is considered the patron of justice, piety and mercy. He is represented as a warrior carrying a sword. Assists those facing fear, confusion, or fear for their safety.
  11. 7 chakra bracelet and lotus flower pendant
    We take advantage of the chakras' ability to channel the energy of minerals, thus managing to unblock the chakras so that our vital energy flows better. Chakra means, in Sanskrit, circle. Depending on its location, it represents the energy in different parts of the body.
    Lotus Flower Pendant: In Buddhism, the meaning of the lotus flower is purity of body and soul. In Hinduism, Laxmi, goddess of prosperity, sits on a fully open lotus flower. Similarly, Brahma, the god of creation is depicted emerging from a lotus.
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