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String Bracelets with Quartzs

String Bracelets with Quartzs

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Bracelets #1 and #2

White thread - The color white is a symbol of purity and is used as a luminous action that intervenes both to do good and to create a space of integrity and well-being in the environment.
Transparent quartz – The energetic qualities of quartz refer to its great conductive and energy-cleansing power.

Bracelets #3 and #4

Pink thread- passionate, intense, strong and simple love
Rose quartz - This quartz is known in the holistic and esoteric world as “the stone of love” and is said to have the power to attract love. Its color, unlike other quartz, varies in different shades of pink.

Bracelets #5 and #6

Red thread – passion, strength, positive energy, energy saving
Red Quartz- Red quartz stone is known for increasing the energy and esoteric properties of other gemstones and is considered a healing and energy filtration stone. Illuminates the soul, cleanses and transmits energy, eliminates barriers to spiritual growth, filters negative energy

Bracelets #7 and #8
Blue thread- protects against fears and anxieties
Blue quartz - Blue quartz emits vibrations that act in the sense of regularizing the functioning of all the organs of the body and in this way, there is a great improvement in health as a whole, it has the ability to reduce the fatigue that comes from work , stress and any sudden discomfort that by chance appears to hinder our lives. The crystal is known as the stone of peace.

Bracelets #9 and #10

Turquoise blue thread - relaxation, which serves against anxiety, stress and impatience, with a sedative effect to control pain, we relate it to purity and cleanliness.
Turquoise blue quartz- Due to its immense capacity to filter energy, it is considered a stone of relief and in some cases of healing of diseases that affect the immune system.

Bracelets #11 and #12

Black thread - Color of silence and calm meditation, it is associated with strength, authority, power, elegance and formality.
Black Quartz - Its power in magic gives it the power to act on emotions, happiness, good fortune among other positive aspects of life.

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