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Bracelets with Cross Quartz

Bracelets with Cross Quartz

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Description: Esoteric meaning of the cross - The cross expresses the truth of why man is on earth. The symbol shows that there is a point between what is above and what is below and that everything flows there. This point is where the horizontal meets the vertical and is the symbol that identifies that humans come from heaven but have their destiny here on earth.

Bracelet #1 brown and #2 black

Cross pendant in turquoise blue quartz - Turquoise blue quartz - Due to its immense capacity to filter energy, it is considered a stone of relief and in some cases of healing of diseases that affect the immune system.

Black, red and navy #3 bracelet on the thread on the back
Meaning of the medal of Saint Michael the Archangel - help from Archangel Michael, when you need protection. He intercedes for us and protects us from all evil. Saint Michael the Archangel is the head of the armies of God in both the Jewish and Islamic religions, as well as in the Christian religion (Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic and Anglican Churches). He is one of the three archangels officially recognized by the Catholic Church (only those three are explicitly named in the Bible). Archangel Michael in Metaphysics is the Archangel of the First Blue Ray and his Divine complement is Faith.
Red Quartz Cross Pendant- The red quartz stone is known for increasing the energy and esoteric properties of other gemstones and is considered a healing and energy filtration stone. Illuminates the soul, cleanses and transmits energy, eliminates barriers to spiritual growth, filters negative energy

Material: macrame, quartz, Tibetan beads

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