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7 Chakras Bracelet and Pendulum

7 Chakras Bracelet and Pendulum

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7 Chakras Bracelet: The chakras in our body are 7 energy points through which we channel our energy. These points are distributed forming a column from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Each one balances the energy of different aspects of our life, including the material, spiritual, physical and mental.

What is a spiritual pendulum?
The divination pendulum is a small object made of a certain weight and is suspended from a rope or chain. This object has been used since ancient times in dowsing. For this we use the wand or the pendulum, which make a connection between the unconscious and the conscious. The pendulum is a very simple tool that allows users to adjust their intuitive power. It acts as a receiver and transmitter for information and moves in response to problems in different ways. You can get the answer "yes" or "no." Available for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, energy charging, divination, witchcraft ritual or home decoration.

The 7 chakras in the pendulum

Spiritual cleansing with a pendulum allows people to balance all their energies. This technique helps our chakras stabilize and, in this way, we guarantee health and well-being. Likewise, through the pendulum it is possible to balance the energies of specific places such as home or work.

Includes: 1 pendulum, 1 bracelet, photos and general information. (Explanation if you have doubts regarding the questions and answers with the solution to each of them. Method of use in Reiki and spiritually.)

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