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Turkish Eye Bracelet (Men)

Turkish Eye Bracelet (Men)

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Description: The turkish eye bracelets They are generally considered an amulet of protection against the evil eye and bad energies.

According to tradition, this bracelet It should preferably be worn on the left wrist since it is the receiving side of the soul and body, which is why when wearing the bracelet on this side it connects strongly with the protective energies.

It is very important that at the time of putting on the bracelet you must create positive thoughts to attract

protective and harmonious energy, for no reason should you curse any person or have aggressive reactions towards others, since you are going to receive the same as you give, this is why if, despite the circumstances, you send positive thoughts and energies full of love and good wishes that you will receive.

According to Kabbalah (Jewish tradition), envious glances and resentful glances can prevent affected people from developing their potential. There are those who think that these types of looks contain destructive thoughts that affect people, even if those who send them do not have the intention of harming anyone specifically.

This bracelet works as a spiritual protection, defending you from the destructive forces of the evil eye. If you are one of those types of people who are very sensitive and spiritual, you will know that wearing this type of amulets increases the possibility of eliminating the negativity that comes into our lives in addition to being a reminder not to judge or send negative energy to others. the rest.

Includes : one (1) bracelet

Material: leather, Turkish eyes

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