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Czech Crystal Bracelet

Czech Crystal Bracelet

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Description: Czech Crystal or Bohemian Crystal is a crystal with a designation of origin from the Czech Republic that is very famous throughout the world.

The gems are polished by fire (firepolish) in an artisanal way, therefore they have less defined facets and have less shine.

The term buddha is a title given to all those who have achieved a complete state of tranquility of mind. According to Buddhism, enlightenment or awakening involves being away from any conflict, stress or sources of negativity and is achieved by transcending craving, desire, aversion and confusion. Thanks to these precepts, Buddhism indicates that any person has the ability to experience nirvana (liberation).

The meaning of Lotus Flower basically refers to the triumph of the spirit over the senses, it means wisdom and knowledge. This flower never reveals its interior since it is almost always completely closed. The meaning of the lotus flower ranges from the mystical to the spiritual.

Material: Czech crystal, Tibetan silver medal

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