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The pyramids act as catalysts since within them a concentration and circulation of energy is generated that begins in each of the five vertices and converges in the central area. From an esoteric point of view, pyramids can attract energy, increase vitality, combat bad vibrations, attract prosperity, improve health and strengthen spiritual life, among other things. However, it is necessary to select the appropriate pyramid to enhance the desired benefits.

Our pyramids are made of ecological resin and orgone. Orgone pyramids protect against EMF radiation which is harmful. This comes from cell towers, wi-fi, computers, cell phones, TVs and all other electrical appliances. The trademarked word "Orgonite" comes from the word orgone, which is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to the life energy found everywhere in nature.

Our artisans carefully follow the protocols originally described by Wilhelm Reich. The eco-friendly resins and precious metals used shrink during the curing process. This pressure creates a powerful piezoelectric effect within the crystal, meaning its endpoints become electrically polarized. This is also believed to be what makes them work so effectively as a positive energy generator.

Approximate weight of pyramids: variation from 5oz to 7oz

Ingredients: ecological resin, quartz, copper, orgone

Approximate measurement: 3.00" x 3.00" x 3.00" inches

Additional information: no pyramid will be exactly the same as another in appearance since they are handmade.

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