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Pyramid of Tiger's Eye, Obsidian and Eye of Horus includes necklace

Pyramid of Tiger's Eye, Obsidian and Eye of Horus includes necklace

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Description: Crown chakra pyramid. Orgone pyramid, generator of positive energy from natural quartz, tiger's eye and obsidian, to calm emotions, protection from negative energy, healing the aura.
Calming and Focusing Properties: Stare at this orgone pyramid, feel it and allow it to balance and purify your energy, you will have peace of mind.

It can help us: in good luck; irritability, sleeps faster; gentler meditation.

Natural crystals protect you: White crystal: guards the Crown Chakra, human amulet to attract good luck, purify the body's magnetic field; Tiger's Eye: guarding the Solar Chakra, "Eye of Horus", releases fear and anxiety; Obsidian: guarding the Root Chakra, dark magician of the crystal worlds, creates a barrier of negative energy, transforms doom.


  • 1 orgone pyramid and 1 orgone necklace
  • 1 orgone pyramid

Measurements: large 3.8" to 4 inches tall and wide

Additional information: Manual activation: Before making the pyramid, the sage purification ritual was used to activate the energy of the crystal and charge it for 24 hours in the light of the moon. All Orgone products are handmade, each one is unique, no two items are exactly the same. Slight bubbles, color changes or imperfections are normal.

Lizzie Esoteric Products cleaned each of the pyramids and amulets with white sage and made a prayer and request for when it arrives on your person, homes or altars so that both the pyramid and the amulet fulfill the purpose for which they were acquired. It is also always recommended with Salvia or any other incense you want when you arrive at your new destination or home.

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