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Celtic Trinity Knot or Witch's Knot with glass metallic black/medium iris bead

Celtic Trinity Knot or Witch's Knot with glass metallic black/medium iris bead

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The Witches' Knot is a legendary protective amulet, originally a Celtic symbol associated with magical ability. The Witch's Knot not only nullifies spells and negativity, but returns it to the source of its origin, becoming an effective means of defense and attack for people who work with magic.

The Celtic Trinity Knot is a very simple, but powerful, beginningless and endless symbol that symbolizes new beginnings and continuity, it is a triangular knot, the 3 corners have several meanings: Christian: father, son and sacred spirit; pagan: mother, crona and new maiden: mind, body and spirit.
The Witches' Knot is an amulet loaded with deep mystical symbolism. The figure resembles a cross with four oval blades (similar to that of the triqueta or triskel), joined by a central rhombus and superimposed on a circle.

The four arms of the cross are linked to the main elements of Natural Magic: the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) and the four cardinal directions (North, South, East and West). The circle that runs through the four points of the cross of the Witches' Knot, reflects the cycle of the elements and the energetic link between all forms of life.

Material: Celtic Trinity Knot or Witch's Knot for women and men, made of stainless steel.

Chain weight with pendant: 0.7 ounces

Chain length: 11 1/2 inches

Chain length with pendant: 13 inches

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