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1. Beetlejuice doll keychain: Skeleton similar to Beetlejuice and with a dress in monochromatic tones, a black hat and boots.

2. Dead Bride Doll Keychain: This keychain resembles a dead bride skeleton with creepy spiders crawling on it.

3. Fairy Doll Keychain: This keychain resembles a fairy skeleton doll wearing a black dress adorned with a bow and lace strips. She wears silver-toned boots and a rhinestone crown that give her a glamorous touch.

4.Ballerina Doll Keychain: This pendant resembles a multi-jeweled skeleton doll wearing an elegant pink dress and gold-toned high heels and holding a handbag.

5. Dark Fairy Doll Keychain: Keychain resembles a dark fairy skeleton dressed in an elegant outfit. It flaunts a black hue and is complete with horns and wings; and a bat in his hand.

6. Keychain with key of Saint Benedict, Cross and amethyst quartz: The key of Saint Benedict protects from hexes, from all evil, protects from envy, wards off bad energies and attracts good ones, protects against diseases as well as good health . Amethyst has great powers, it is a very relaxing stone, it gives balance, sincerity, purity and spirituality. It provides common sense, wisdom and creates harmony. Clarifies problem resolution. Helps in decision making and changes.

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