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Cleaning and Protection

Cleaning and Protection

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Cleansing and protection set was created for spiritual and esoteric purposes. The benefits of each product contribute to the cleanliness and protection of the person, their home and the environment.

The aroma of this mysterious dragon blood tree known as "Arbor Draconis" is deeply connected to the history of folk magic and shamanism. Dragon Blood in incense can be a powerful material and is excellent for banishing negative energy and helping healing. As for the magical uses of dragon blood extract, it is an excellent protector and energetic cleanser. Palo santo is used to cleanse energies, the intense aroma with a citrus touch of palo santo helps bring peace and tranquility to the people who inhabit the space. In addition to its ancient uses as a purifying agent, palo santo wood is used as incense to purify the home of any bad vibes that may exist in it. Selenite symbolizes spiritual purity. It instills deep peace and is recommended for meditation. It is considered a stone for the expansion of consciousness and for activating higher energy centers, such as the crown chakra. Selenite helps calm the mind and promotes clarity and lucidity. Selenite is an energetic stone that is connected to the esoteric world. It emits very subtle vibrations and when it comes into contact with the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, it allows you access to angelic consciousness. This magical crystal that is our selenite stone helps you cleanse everything around you of any negative energy that is causing imbalances at home.

Description: Cleaning and protection set.

This incense is a mixture of white sage and dragon's blood resin, mixed with two of the most popular fragrances within magical practice. Dragon blood is used to add potency to spells. White sage is used in Native American medicine. The smoke and aroma cleanse the spaces, also turning it into a wonderful altar. Both dragon blood and sage are used to protect, remove negative energy, and eliminate spirits.

Palo Santo is a magical tree with extraordinary virtues, whose essential compounds are found in the aroma that the firewood exudes once burned or distilled. Palo Santo is so rich in properties that each part of the tree can be used for different purposes, including cleansing, sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-carcinogenic functions. On a metaphysical level, they consider it an effective repellent of negative energies.

Selenite removes negative energies and cleanses the aura.
Weight: approximately 2.6

Ingredients: white sage, dragon's blood resin, fragrances, bound, esoteric work

Additional Information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary.

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