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Calm and Spiritual Healing Kit

Calm and Spiritual Healing Kit

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Description: Benefits: Coconut soap with lavender - Coconut soap is a product of natural origin, highly appreciated for its cosmetic and esoteric properties. In the esoteric world, coconut soap is used as a purifying agent to clean negative energies, which affect the aura, physical body and spiritual balance of the user. It is also used as an element of love attraction. Coconut soap is used by occult workers, before or after the execution of rituals and consultation sessions, to counteract the presence of astral parasites, entities and negativity.

Lavender has relaxing and energetic properties. One of the herbs with the most benefits and magical properties is lavender. The Romans bathed with it to relax and it is believed that its essence is very effective in attacking chronic nervousness, prolonged anxiety and stress.

Amethyst Druse - Amethyst also helps dissipate anger and calms in moments of sadness, providing a feeling of serenity. Faith, inspiration and wisdom. Helps in the growth and development of spiritual knowledge. It opens you to intuition. Amethyst is believed to calm stress and anxiety and therefore can be used to manage physical symptoms that arise from those problems.

Lavender Flowers - Dried lavender flowers have a refreshing aroma when burned. It is a delight and leaves the house aromatized, in addition to cleansing the energies of the place. It calms, reduces anxiety, helps relieve pain and leaves the environment more pleasant.

Includes: (1) Handmade Coconut Soap with Lavender , (1) Amethyst Druse , (7) grams) Lavender Flowers and (2) Charcoal Tablets and Information

Additional information: each amethyst druse and each product is particular so its shape, size or color varies

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