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Patchouli game

Patchouli game

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Roll On

Patchouli is believed to have originated specifically in India, where it has been used for centuries as a healing plant. The name actually comes from the Tamil “patchai” meaning green and “ellai” meaning leaf. Patchouli was prized for its health benefits in Ayurvedic medicine and was used medicinally for centuries in India.

From India, patchouli reached the Middle East, where it was a valuable plant for making perfumes . It was supposedly brought to Europe by Napoleon, who packed it among his prized silks to keep insects and moths at bay.

Patchouli Soap was made with glycerin and fragrances and other products suitable for all skin types. It is always recommended, as a precaution against having an allergic reaction, to discontinue it immediately since not all skin types can react the same to a given product even if it is suitable for all skin types.

(1) Patchouli Soap, (1) Roll On and (5) patchouli incenses.

Roll On to choose from: All roll ons are prepared with essential oils which are esoteric and spiritually helpful in having specific purposes in their preparation. Apply a few drops to the neck, temples and wrists and in the air using a diffuser.

  • Option 1 Anti-stress, Calm, Inner Strength
  • Option 2 Luck, Protection, Wisdom
  • Option 3 Compassion, Self-Love, Harmony
  • Option 4 Peace, Clarity, Calm

Patchouli properties:

Patchouli oil is easily recognized by its rich, sweet-musky fragrance and can emit a natural perfume when applied to the skin. The essential oil is obtained through steam distillation of the dried leaves of the plant, a process that provides a high percentage of oil. The main component of the essential oil is patchoulol, which is used in the synthesis of a chemotherapy drug. Its aroma also makes this oil excellent for diffusion. Its rich chemical properties can have a balancing and emotional effect when used as aromatherapy. In aromatherapy it is said that it can help relieve anxiety, stress and depression. Its calming effect is very effective for relaxation and meditation. Its sedative properties will help you have a better rest at night and chase away all the negative feelings you feel when you are tired. And, because the aroma stimulates the production of so-called “feel-good hormones,” patchouli will quickly eliminate anger, sadness and anxiety.

A warm, spicy, musky and sensual aroma, patchouli is commonly associated with the hippy generation and is known as the scent of the sixties. It is a powerful oil that induces peace, calm and grounding. Spiritually it is known to repel bad energies and dark vibrations. It is also very beneficial for things related to the heart and to attract economic prosperity.

Additional Information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary. DOES NOT INCLUDE BUDDHA, it is only part of the decoration.

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