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Lavender Game

Lavender Game

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The creation of this set of coconut soap with lavender and the lavender incense have esoteric and spiritual purposes. But they are also products that can be used normally since they have ingredients suitable for the skin in the case of soap and healthy for the environment such as incense.

Lavender incense benefits

Sahumar is an ancient spiritual and energetic cleansing technique in which the smoke of various herbs and flowers is used. Lavender as the main element to scent our environment has the properties of cleaning, elevating, restoring balance and making spaces more peaceful; It also attracts the energy of love.

Coconut and lavender soap benefits

In the esoteric world, coconut soap is used as a purifying agent to clean negative energies, which affect the aura, physical body and spiritual balance of the user. For our ritual to work, you must have a clear intention and trust.

Coconut soap is a product of natural origin , highly appreciated for its cosmetic and esoteric properties .

Includes: (1)Handmade coconut soap with lavender and (1) Lavender Sahumerio

Esoteric, spiritual and magical properties and benefits

Coconut is given a wide variety of uses, including spiritual ones, and can be included in numerous areas, all of which are beneficial to humans. The esoteric and spiritual benefits of coconut water are used to attract the positive (love, good luck, etc.). ), cleaning or purification.


One of the herbs with the most benefits and magical properties is lavender. It is a plant appreciated for its aroma capable of relaxing the mind and body and since ancient times it has been cultivated for medicinal purposes. One of the most powerful properties attributed to it is the ability to neutralize negative energies .

Additional Information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary.

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