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Natural Jade

Natural Jade

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Description: Natural jade

It is said to promote love in a person, reduce irritability and emit a calming energy that favors meditation. It helps us raise our consciousness, since it is a balancing and stabilizing stone for emotions, preventing them from controlling us. It also promotes balance between emotional and intellectual aspects, and its energy favors a state of serenity, helping to remember dreams and interpret them. With its colors ranging from light to dark green, the jade stone is a symbol of purity, power and wisdom. .

Jade is a protective stone that protects its wearer from evil. It is also reputed to bring good luck and friendship. Jade is a stone that encourages you to know yourself better and become the best, most sincere and authentic version of yourself. To do this, it helps you find inner peace by freeing your mind from mental ruminations. It helps you overcome life's difficult challenges by clearing distracting thoughts and healing emotional wounds.

Measurements: approximately 1 1/2 inches

Each stone is unique so its size and shape varies.

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