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Sage and Lavender Soap

Sage and Lavender Soap

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Esoteric Properties of Lavender
One of the most amazing magical properties of lavender is about leading people to spiritual healing. In this way, patients will be able to release personal blockages and also face the fears or fears they may have in life. It also cleanses the home of negative energies, gossip, and even witchcraft and the evil eye. It attracts good luck and success and to achieve them there are several rituals.

Skin benefits of soap

The soap that contains lavender so that it acts on your skin, eliminating impurities. It will also help you regulate and hydrate the dermis, which will protect you from bactericidal agents and skin infections. Lavender soaps are ideal for taking a shower after a stressful day, letting it go down the drain. This soap has stress relieving properties and will even help you sleep soundly.

Esoteric properties of sage
Sage is an aromatic plant with high mystical and esoteric power that has been appreciated since ancient times. This is due to the variety of virtues it possesses, above all, its medicinal, holistic and spiritual properties. The meaning of sage in esotericism is the purification of souls and environments. She has the ability to eliminate bad energies and dark spirits. It is an excellent help to keep the soul and spirit clean, to be able to carry out meditation sessions with more serenity and tranquility. Furthermore, it means or symbolizes immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and wishes. It is a plant with a high degree of magical power due to its multiple healing and esoteric properties. Sage, due to its high esoteric-magical power, is widely used in spells to attract healing, spiritual protection, auric cleansing and abundance.

Weight: approximately 3 ounces

Ingredients: essential oils, glycerin, sage, lavender, vitamin E and esoteric work

Additional information: Each soap may vary in color, shape and size since each one is handmade.

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