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Spooky Tourmaline Soap with Dragon's Blood

Spooky Tourmaline Soap with Dragon's Blood

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Description: Dragon blood oil is the ideal product to maintain healthy, soft and smooth skin; It protects the skin from environmental factors that continually attack it since glycerin has a neutral oh. Dragon blood incense is used in Wicca, Neopagan witchcraft, and hoodoo ceremonies for love spells, hexes, sexual potency, and other applications.

Esoteric benefits of palo santo: Palo santo has been used for many years in a spiritual, religious and medicinal way. Palo santo is used to ward off negative energies and attract positive vibes. This is due to its physical and spiritual cleansing properties. Its aroma helps to deepen spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation. It connects us with human love, increasing the capacity to give and receive. Benefits of palo santo in soap. Palo santo helps exfoliation due to the sawdust granules, helping to remove all impurities from the skin leaving a unique aroma, while glycerin works as a humectant, so it draws moisture to the skin helping to keep the skin well moisturized, avoiding dryness. The aroma of Palo Santo is woody citrus and therefore we will smell a forest smell.

Black salt, also known as witches' salt, is a preparation used in esoteric rituals to counteract spells and curses.

Weight : approximately 5 ounces

Ingredients: essential oils, palo santo, dragon's blood, black salt, herbs, glycerin, vitamin, esoteric work

Additional information: Each product varies in shape, size and color as they are handmade.

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