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Energetic Wonders Soap

Energetic Wonders Soap

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Description: Energetic Wonders soap is based on the story of Merlin and the Wizards.

Who was Merlin?
What is said about him is that he could dialogue with animals, dominate the forces of the weather and become invisible. He was also an expert in potions and spells, given his great devotion to nature, which he himself called The Most Powerful Goddess. Merlin was a powerful advisor to Uther Pendragon, the High King of Britain. Merlin had all kinds of gifts and powers, including controlling the elements and becoming invisible. Magicians do exist and they are those who have learned to manage the great power of the mind and energy.

The magician is a type of astrologer or fortune teller, who practices magic.

The Energetic Wonders Body Mist with sandalwood fragrance. What does sandalwood attract? In addition to purifying and cleaning, sandalwood attracts luck and fortune; It also has a relaxing aroma that helps calm you and provides inner peace.

Options to choose from:

1. Energy Wonders Soap

2. Energetic Wonders Soap and Energetic Wonders Body Mist

3. Body Mist Energy Wonders

Weight : soap (approximately 3 ounces), body mist (approximately 2.5 ounces)

Ingredients: coconut glycerin, vitamin E, honey, fragrance, esoteric work

Additional Information:Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary.

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