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Magical Mancía Soap and Fragrance

Magical Mancía Soap and Fragrance

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Description: Soap for people who work spiritual work. Helps clarify your 5 senses and 7 thoughts. Focus the energies.

What are mancías?
The mancías are those methods that man uses to know the future and to understand the keys that are shown to him in reality and interpret them. The clairvoyant uses the mancías as a vehicle to apply his clairvoyance. Cristalomancy: Prediction by the crystal made into a sphere, that is, prediction by the usual look inside the crystal ball. Crystal balls capture energy. They accumulate energy within them that we can understand as a combination between electricity and emanation from the environment. The energy that we all emanate and that emanates from everything around us takes us in one direction or another, but it also reflects things to us and reveals data to us that are not visible to us.

The Air Freshener - Disinfectant contains spiritual awakening fragrance. What attracts spiritual awakening? It's a real stress relieving scent. Floral bouquet of ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and carnation with touches of violet on a bed of exotic woods. In addition, by aromatizing it, it disinfects the surroundings.

Weight: soap (approximately 3 ounces), fragrance (approximately 2.5 ounces)

Ingredients: coconut glycerin, honey, vitamin E, fragrance, esoteric work

Options to choose from:

1. Magical Mancía Soap

2. Mancia Mágica Soap and Fragrance - Mancia Mágica Disinfectant

3. Air Freshener - Magical Mancía Disinfectant

Additional information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary.

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