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  • All fragrances produce an instant alchemical effect . And each of them also influences us and our environment, affecting the interior vibration of each space.

    The origin of Incense is in ancient times in the Middle East ( Egypt, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia...) and from there it went to Asia ( China, Japan ). Then during the Middle Ages, it spread to Europe through Christianity. Religion of all times used it for its relaxing properties and to facilitate concentration and connection with the sacred, the mystical. For this reason, incense is burned in churches, to purify, clean the environment and the faithful and facilitate their connection with prayer and mysticism.

  • There are many properties of incense that you can put in favor of your health and well-being. Some of them:
    • Incense can calm your spirits, relax, inspire, calm, clarify ideas, transmute or change the energies of your home and yourself, concentration, motivation, creativity... They are used in homes, to create a pleasant atmosphere, to perfume. In Yoga and Meditation classes, it helps you relax. In Tarot consultations, to concentrate, transmute energies and create a favorable environment.
    • Many religions use incense for their rituals.
    • The Catholic religion shows from its beginnings the importance of incense as it was one of the offerings given to the baby Jesus at his birth; currently it is used during Holy Week processions and Eucharistic adorations.
    • The Buddha conveys that the use of incense helps the person to immerse themselves in the art of meditation more easily; The Egyptians burned these sticks to ward off evil spirits and worship the gods.
  • Description: Our incenses are handmade. It is a preparation based on aromatic resins of plant origin that, mixed with oils of numerous essences, release a balsamic smoke when burning.

    Frequently used to connect with the spiritual plane, of various religions and mystical practices. These incenses have transcended for years as a vehicle for meditation and well-being of the body and soul.

  • How to use Incense

    1 wand is used per day It will be enough at any time of the day. It is always lit with wooden matches, let it light and to extinguish the flame that always remains when lighting, shake the wand in the air until it goes out. It never blows . Do not touch The wand is held with your hands by the part where there is no incense. The ashes are not touched with the fingers. 

  • Weight: about 0.5 ounces
  • Variations: sage and chamomile, Indian sandalwood, money, nag champa, white sage and lavender, pheromones, witch brew, cabernet, magic potion, angel wings, cannabis flower, ylang ylang, bergamont, sweet pipe tobacco, dragon blood, patchouli, cinnamon , Pine tree

  • Additional information: Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary. Includes instructions.

  • Cost: 5 x $3.50 or 10 x $6.50 or 15 x $9.00 assorted
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