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Fragrances are a mixture that contains concentrated aromatic substances of substances of natural or synthetic origin that manage to recreate a certain aroma created in a laboratory from other substances that resemble natural ones. They are only used to perfume and flavor. They are not used directly on the skin as they can cause an allergic reaction. They are skin safe and their purpose is to perfume. They are used in soaps, candles, creams, air fresheners, diffusers and other handmade products. NOTE: Important, the pheromone fragrance is not a perfume. You can make perfumes with the fragrances but they use other products to create the perfumes. If you have any allergic reaction to the handmade product due to the fragrance it uses, discontinue it immediately. For each handmade product, you must know the quantities to use of each fragrance according to the product you want to make. Many of them require a certain temperature to work with them in your handmade products.

Caution in the use of fragrances: Although it may not occur on all skin types, if used directly on the skin it can cause allergies, irritation, redness and sensitivity. All fragrances are used in specific quantities according to the product to be made or according to the formula to be made in artisanal or handmade products.


a) baby powder

b) coconut cream

c) almond coconut cream

d) honeysuckle

e) monkey farts

f) cabernet

g) abercrombie

h) lavender

i) pheromones

j) nag champa

k) stress relaxation

l) money

m) pumpkin

n) oats, milk and honey

ñ) feng shui

o) Coconut Mango

p) Jamaican Fruit

q) Pink Sugar

r) Sweet Orange

s) Peppermit

t) Ylang Ylang

u) Lemon Eucalyptus

v) Vanilla Fantasy

w) Oatmeal Cookie Dough

Weight: approximately 1 ounce

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