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Green Fluorite (unpolished)

Green Fluorite (unpolished)

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Description: Fluorite is considered a spiritual stone of cleansing, purification and balance. It has a very subtle energy and raises the vibration through relaxation of the mind. Balances the hemispheres and enhances intuition. It is a stone that promotes organization and internal order. Due to its wonderful magnetic field, fluorite is capable of balancing the positive and negative energies of the mind.

One of the most important properties is that it helps create inner peace and make us aware of our problems, so that we find a satisfactory solution. This stone facilitates the connection with the spirits, without losing sight of our reality, this can be achieved through the meditation.

Green fluorite: serves to cleanse the chakras, provide new energy and eliminate bad vibes

Measurements: 0.5 to 1.0 inches approximately

Each stone is unique so its weight and size varies.

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