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Flower of Jericho

Flower of Jericho

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4 Sizes of the Flower of Jericho
Flor jerico 5 pulgadas con 3 flores juntas

Description: Also called Rose of Jericho. It is used as a talisman to attract abundance in love, business and work. There is a belief that this flower attracts its caretaker and family; peace, love, health, strength, happiness and luck in business, as well as the skill at work and economic well-being they need. Also the power to bless and protect houses, as well as improvements in health, relationships and exams. It absorbs all types of negative energies from the place where it is located.

Weight: 1 to 6 ounces varies (options to choose from)

Includes: flower of Jericho, prayer and instructions

Additional information: each flower may vary in shape, size or color.

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