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Medicine Buddha Statue

Medicine Buddha Statue

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Bhaisajyaguru Buddha or Medicine Buddha

This statue is a representation of a Buddha who was a Medicine Master and his name was Bhaisajyaguru, he is known in Chinese as Yaoshi-fo , which literally means "Medicine Master Buddha." In Japan, it is called Yakushi ; while the Tibetans invoke him with the name of Sangye Menla .

Bhaisajyaguru has been revered as a dispenser of spiritual medicine that can cure spiritual, psychological and physical ailments.

Description of the statue:

Above the crown of your head, on a seat of lotus and moon is the Buddha Medicine. His body is made of blue light, and blue light radiates from him in all directions. In the gesture of granting sublime achievement, his right hand rests on his right knee and holds the stem of an arura plant. In the gesture of concentration, his left hand holds a lapis lazuli bowl filled with medicinal nectar. He is seated in the vajra posture, wears the three saffron robes of a monastic , and has the signs and marks of a Buddha . {Our statue does not necessarily have the same colors that describe the image of the Buddha we sell)

✅The teachings of the Medicine Buddha
The teachings of that Buddha
show us how to cure diseases, both of the body and the mind. Medicine Buddha Meditation is a healing practice treasured by many in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. The oldest Medicine Buddha sutra we know of dates back to the 7th century. In that sutra, we are told the story of a bodhisattva, the Medicine Buddha, who made twelve vows on how he would help living beings after achieving enlightenment.

✅Important facts about meditation: Empirical evidence shows that when we meditate, a self-repair mechanism is activated in our own bodies. We stop producing cortisol and adrenaline, and instead increase the production of endorphins and serotonin that stimulate the immune system, arming our body against invasive bacteria, viruses and other imbalances. These changes also promote positive mental states.

✅Data from the teachings of the Medicine Buddha: According to the teachings of the Medicine Buddha When we practice meditation, we do not do it to replace conventional medical treatment, but to complement it. The practice purifies and eliminates the underlying karmic causes of illness and cultivates the causes for holistic well-being.

Material: Polyresin

Dimensions: 4.5"L x 3"W x 6"H inch

Includes: Statue and written instructions on how to practice Medicine Buddha meditation

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