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Equilibrium (necklace and bracelet)

Equilibrium (necklace and bracelet)

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Description: Handmade necklace and bracelet, only one available. Set created for those who seek balance.

First chakra ( Muladhara ): Associated with the color red and the element earth, this energy center is the chakra of our sustenance and our survival. It is located at the base of the spine and it can be said that it is our root, that which gives us roots physically and emotionally. It is the energy that provides us with the feeling of having our basic needs satisfied, of taking care of the body and of the essential material stability and emotional security. In the body, it is the chakra that is related to the intestine, legs, feet and the base of the spine.

Second chakra ( Svadhisthana ): The second chakra vibrates in orange and is the chakra that allows us to open ourselves to the flow of life. Your element is water. In the body, it is related to the hips and genitals, reproductive organs, kidneys and bladder. A Svadisthana chakra balance is represented in sensitivity and receptivity. It constitutes an openness towards life experiences, towards permanent wonder, towards the magic of what is around us, the acceptance of change and the enjoyment of sensory experiences. For this reason, it is conceived as the chakra of sensuality and emotions experienced in a healthy and rewarding way.

Third chakra ( Manipura ): This chakra is associated with the color yellow and is located in the solar plexus. Its functions are related to the digestive system and symbolically, to the inner fire of each one. Its element is fire. The third chakra has to do with personal power. It is reflected in assuming one's own life, in the capacity for action and self-affirmation before the world. It is the energy center related to self-confidence. This drive helps us make decisions and face risks, establish limits and needs before ourselves and others, and gives us the will to achieve. It has to do with the principles on which we decide to live.

The heart chakra: union of being and spirit

Fourth chakra ( Anahata ): The heart chakra acts as a point of connection and balance between the physical world, to which the first three chakras belong, and the spiritual dimension, to which the next three are linked, the center chakra being the room. Its element is air and it is related to the respiratory tract. It is located in the heart and covers the upper part of the chest. Green or pink in color, it empowers and revitalizes us with the force of love: compassion, union with everything that manifests in the world as divine energy, harmony, the love of a couple and family, friendship, love towards us and the connection with existence.

The metaphysical chakras: Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara

Fifth chakra ( Vishuddha ): The first chakra of our transcendent self is related to purification, helping us find our way to consciousness, and with the voice of our spirit. The fifth chakra has a turquoise blue vibration and its element is ether. It is located in the throat, and in the body it is related to the neck, throat, jaw and teeth. It is the energy center of creativity and communication, so it is the energy that is activated with writing, singing, expressing clearly and knowing how to listen. It is also associated with sound and the healing power of vibrations, from which the energy of everything that manifests originates.

Sixth chakra ( Ajna ): Ajna chakra is indigo in color and its element is light. This chakra is located at the point that in Indian tradition is defined as the “third eye”, on the forehead, right between our two eyes, which is defined as contact with other levels of consciousness. Physically, its energy connects with sight, the head, and its qualities affect memory and the ability to concentrate. The strength of the ajna chakra is intuition, our ability to connect with spirit and universal wisdom. Typical of this energy wheel are imagination, artistic creation, dreams and the power of visualizations.

Seventh chakra ( Sahasrara ): This is the chakra of pure consciousness. It is generally associated with the color violet, although its energy is also white: the highest vibration and one that encompasses all existing colors. It is located in the crown, and represents spirituality. Its element is thought, so it contains the power of the mind: the vibrational energies that permeate the other vital forces and create experiences. In the body, its vibration manifests in the bones and skin. This is the chakra that connects us with the infinite, with the meaning of life and devotion and for this reason it is represented as a lotus flower with one hundred petals. The seventh chakra attunes us to the divinity and grace of our true self.

Material: quartz, bronze diges, Buddha diges, Chinese diges, volcanic stone

Includes: 1 necklace and 1 bracelet

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