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Embody Attraction Set

Embody Attraction Set

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Description: Attract that person of interest with the "Embody Attraction" set.

Attraction is the impulse that leads us to notice someone, since it awakens a desire in us, an appetite for that person and, after that attraction , we may or may not develop love , which over time can take on different nuances or results.

Includes: 1 pheromone soap, 1 candle, ritual instructions, 1 question to the pendulum (instructions on the question will be sent to you in your order package)

Weight:7 ounces

Ingredients: honey, fragrance, pheromones, vitamin E, glycerin, esoteric work

Additional information: Ritual instructions included. The set includes a free question to the pendulum. The answer to your question can only be answered with a yes , no or maybe . (does not include explanation). Your question should be one that you can answer with a yes or no, it will be explained in the instructions. Each product is handmade therefore color, shape and weight may vary.

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