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Kwan Yin Retro Wind Chime

Kwan Yin Retro Wind Chime

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The Kwan Yin Retro Wind Chime

They are a symbol of good luck, indicating that the family is safe, healthy and happy. According to Feng Shui, bells have two functions:
1. They nullify negative environmental energies and influences (which is why they are traditionally called spirit scares.
2. They activate Qi energy, positive energy and therefore promote good luck. No corner of the house, object, animal or person can escape its harmonic vibration.
Wind chimes activate stagnant areas.

Description of the Retro Kwan Yin Wind Chime
Made with 5 fine cast brass bells with the image of Kwan Yin and 4 copper tubes for durability and clean sounds. It creates harmony with the circular dark-colored wood on the top and the small dark-colored peals of wood. And the ancient Chinese coins, braided with the durable nylon cord. All handmade
Approximate weight 5 ounces
Length: 24 inches

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