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Goddess of the Sea (necklace and lampshades)

Goddess of the Sea (necklace and lampshades)

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The Fiosa Del Mar necklace and lampshades is an original design by Lizzie Productos Esotericos.

Sea water helps calm us down and eliminate anxiety. That's why it's not a crazy idea to escape to the beach as part of therapy. We compare our collar and screens with
the Goddess of the Sea because both mother-of-pearl and carnelian agate are stones that help us maintain calm, serenity and cleanse us of negative energies

Mother of pearl is a stone that is actually a provider of protection, as it brings the gentle healing prowess of the sea. It is also a stone for stress relief: it helps to calm and relax emotions. In addition, the energies that this stone has can also invite you to use your inner wisdom, as well as to do everything with intellect and heart.

Carnelian agate stone is believed to have energizing and stimulating properties . It is considered a stone of vitality and action , which can help overcome apathy and promote motivation. The carnelian agate stone has been traditionally used as an amulet or talisman for protection against the evil eye and negative energies .

Description: Handmade necklace and lampshades, only one available. Reason: necklace for sea lovers. Snails do symbolize the escape from the working world to regain a sense of spiritual rest. Mother-of-pearl produces calming, calms anxieties, anger, tension, mood swings, releases fears, purifies difficulties in relationships, facilitates the expression of feelings of love and emotions. Stone of intuition and creativity.

Material: mother of pearl, carnelian agate, wire, stainless steel, acrylic beads

Includes: 1 necklace and 1 set of lampshades

It is worth mentioning that these benefits are part of people's beliefs, spiritual practice and experts in the field of crystals, stones and quartz and have no scientific basis. It is always important to remember that stones and crystals should not replace professional medical treatment.

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