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Stones in general carry with them a fascinating mystery, they abound throughout the entire extent of the Earth's crust, they are minerals that have originated in different geological conditions, and they have a wide variety of types, brightness and colors.

Among the most popular energetic and precious stones is quartz, because it contains several benefits, including:

  • Align the chakras ; which are an important part of our body and mind, as they help energy flow correctly
  • Strengthens the aura ; which is the vital energy where your body relies
  • Purifies the environments ; because they are the places where you spend most of your time
  • Open paths ; makes energy overcome obstacles
  • Remove blockages ; This encourages and amplifies the flow of energy through the body.
  • Accelerates physical healing ; allows your immune system to activate the body's ability to heal itself, thus causing your balance to be restored

The properties of energy stones will help us stabilize the aura and personal beautification, since in some way, the stones are crystalline beings that protect us from our fears because they act as guardian spirits. Crystals and energy stones have been used for millennia for healing and balance. They work through resonance and vibration.

Colored quartz or multicolored quartz have several meanings. Its most common concepts are creativity, good communication and well-being . Quartzs are minerals composed of oxygen and silicon, they function as catalysts for all the energy and vibrations that surround us . One of its main functions is to cleanse us and keep us present in the moment. These stones are also believed to have sensation and protective qualities. Whether they are transparent, white or colorful, these crystals accumulate energy, which is why they are widely used in jewelry, amulets, therapies or simply as decorations. In addition, quartz are distinguished by their hardness and resistance.

Over the centuries, quartz has been used for different uses and has had various meanings, which is why it is a mineral that has been closely linked to healers, witches, witches or shamans, among others. This has made quartz It has many healing properties related to esotericism.

Quartzs have been constantly absorbing the energy around you, so you should not forget to cleanse them

Amethyst - is a stone that transmits positive energy, is calming and helps in meditation. It is considered the stone that helps with problems related to headaches, headaches and migraines.

Red jasper - is a stone associated with the 1st chakra, it promotes grounding, strength and security. It is usually indicated to energize the body and provide it with vitality. It is considered a stone of cleansing and balance. On a healing level it is said to help detoxify the circulatory system.

tiger's eye - tiger's eye, which is also known as the "Stone of Freedom" is said to be charged with positive energy, a quality that protects against bad vibrations in the environment and can help us maintain balance in adverse situations of fear, anxiety or difficulty in making decisions. In fact, tiger's eye has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, as it is considered one of the fundamental stones for balancing yin and yang. Its use is also related to good physical and psychological health, since it is said that tiger's eye quartz enhances the action of the 7 chakras, especially those that influence concentration or creativity.

obsidian -

It is a very protective stone that forms a shield against negativity, absorbing negative energies from the environment. Spiritually vitalizes the soul and eliminates energy blockages and possible tensions. It stimulates growth at all levels, encouraging you to explore the unknown.

lapis lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. It is a stone that helps quickly release stress, bringing deep peace. It has enormous serenity and brings the key to spiritual realization. It is a protective stone that contacts guardian spirits. Recognizes the attack, blocking it and returning it to its source. It harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, providing deep internal knowledge when they are balanced. It is a powerful amplifier of thought, providing clarity and objectivity. Encourages creativity and helps face the truth. Ideal to place it over the third eye or over the throat. It should also be placed on the diaphragm or anywhere between the sternum and the top of the head so that it can perform its function correctly.

green aventurine- In addition to being a good luck magnet, it helps align good opportunities and allow new goals to be achieved. Aventurine is responsible for releasing the negative and attracting growth. It is responsible for providing enthusiasm, confidence and acceptance. It also increases creativity, leadership and humor.

Clear quartz - Clear quartz is often highly valued by a group of people who believe that this stone has several esoteric and energetic properties. It is believed that this stone has healing properties that can help heal internal ailments and enhance the healing of wounds, so people who believe in its power place transparent quartz near the affected area for this purpose. It is believed that clear quartz crystal has the ability to ward off all bad energies or vibes that come from other people. In addition, it is believed to have the ability to attract and enhance good energies. Many people use this stone to have peace of mind during reflection. It is also believed to help improve imagination and self-esteem. In this regard, it is believed that this stone is one of the most powerful of all types of quartz, because it is practically pure.

Rose quartz - is used to heal emotional wounds, attract new love, romance and intimacy, in addition to generating close and deep relationships with the person to whom it is given.

IMPORTANT: Size and color may vary. Each piece is unique.

CAUTION: Choking hazard, small parts.

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